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Acronym for Success:  A Back-to-Basics Approach

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Despite the complexity of business operations in the 21st century, a back-to-basics approach for supervising the most valuable corporate resource - the employees - is in order. Utilizing the acronym "RESPECT," companies can assure that each employee is contributing to the health and success of the organization.

Simply stated, "RESPECT" stands for a "Relentless Effort to Support and Promote Excellence and a Commitment of Talent" to achieve this worthy business goal. Let's briefly examine this important and straightforward business behavioral model.

Envision an organization in which employees at all levels are relentless in their efforts to support and promote excellence. In such companies, the employees not surprisingly place an unwavering focus on the corporate mission and vision. In this kind of a business environment, employees are encouraged and supported to examine their actions against the corporate backdrop of how best to serve their clients and customers. When everyone is focused on the customers' business needs (which by its very definition also includes employees serving each other as internal customers of the company), the result can be measured by unprecedented customer and employee satisfaction, increased customer and employee loyalty and an increased corporate advantage in the competitive marketplace. When this occurs, greater momentum is placed behind the corporate expectation that everyone shall make a strong commitment to utilize daily the full measure of her/his talents on behalf of the company's customers. In summary, it all comes down to some good, old-fashioned common sense that doesn't cost a business much to implement but can cost a company its future if neglected.

The Alevas Consulting Group, Inc., led by an accomplished business executive/attorney, proudly offers a wide variety of training, business management and individualized executive-coaching solutions. A hallmark of the Group's reputation is its penchant for delivering customized, client-focused solutions that are engaging and offer immediate practical business benefits.



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